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Modeling Agencies

In order to address the issues of Muslim models, one Muslim woman set up an agency in London for models who not only dress modestly but also practice it in their daily lives. Turning her dream into a reality, Shannie Hammouda launched Umma Models in 2017, to be able to give Muslim models a platform in the fashion industry. Shannie’s agency also includes a place for male Muslim models. By creating a platform that caters both women and men that share the same values, Hammouda is able to secure the principles of modest fashion even if the interest fades. For Hammouda, modest fashion is not just a trend, but it is something that reflects ones relationship with their faith.

Nailah Lymus, a clothing and accessory designer since 2004, has manifested her hunger for all things fashion. Creating a name for her self in the fashion industry, Lymus decided to combine both her passions of modesty and fashion and launch the first Muslim/Modest Female Modeling Agency based in NYC in 2012. Underwraps is titled as the first global agency to focus on representing Muslim female fashion models. The agency also represents women of other backgrounds and religions, because as Lymus says “the key is a modest mind”.

Fashion Week 

Organized by Think Fashion, and founded by Ozlem Sahin Ertas from Turkey and Frank Soeria from Indonesia, Modest Fashion Weeks event series is the founder and developer of the famous Modest Fashion Week concept. Modest Fashion weeks are dedicated to the modest fashion industry with 2 Billion media coverage across the 5 continents, gathers more then 40 countries, 300+ designers and brands, 500+ influencers, 100+ buyers and other industry experts. The traveling concept of Modest Fashion Weeks spreads the modest fashion spirit and style around the world, of which include Istanbul, London, Dubai, Jakarta, and Amsterdam. The vision of this is to create a sustainable and global business for the industry stakeholders of which are designers, brands, buyers, media, influencers and creative talents for the market that is worth over 400$ Billion.

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