I, Mariam Jachi, am a fashion design student at Creative Space Beirut. Fashion has been my passion ever since I was a kid. As I grew up and dawned a veil, I saw the lack of connection the fashion industry has towards Muslim women. Thus, my passion for fashion grew and I knew which path I wanted to take. 

 I am so excited to introduce to you MonArte !!

Monarte is a magazine designed to expose Muslim women to the latest trends, and to curate everything related to their intrests, lifestyle and fashion under one platform.

Alongside the magazine, I will keep you updated on the latest news, in popculture , Muslim role models , hijabis fashion and beyond.

The meaning behind the name MonArte , represents the power I feel expressing my own personal universe to the world and the mean I use for this transaction is fashion! Hence MonArte is the way I share all my interests and passions in the matter !! This fashion magazine is built and designed to encourage each woman to express her self and her “OwnArte” no matter what the mean of expression may be!