Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2021

Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2021

            As many know the Modest Fashion Industry is growing day by day. It is currently worth over $400 billion. Modest fashion as a market term emerged in the early 2000’s with a number of brands and creative entrepreneurs who themselves were motivated to enter this market.

            With nearly 2 Billion Muslims spread across the globe, each culture has different backgrounds when it comes to dressing, different interpretations of modesty, from covering the entire face and body to simply wearing loose-fitting clothes. Thus, an enormous amount of creativity is needed, to be able to cater for each culture and for the woman to be able to express herself.

Founded by Turkish Duo Ozlem Sahin and Kubra Aksan, Think Fashion is a modest wear consultancy and events company. Their events include everything from fashion shows to panel discussions and special exhibitions. 

Sahin represents herself as a serial global fashion entrepreneur. Being co-founder of Think Fashion, co-founder of global Modest Fashion Weeks (Istanbul-London-Dubai Jakarta) travelling event series, she is also and investor and partner in some fashion focused global start-ups. 

Now it is time to see fashion with a different eye. Fashion is not just for a certain type of women. It is time to think sustainable and ethical both in creating and consuming. Which is why this years Modest Fashion Weeks theme was Awakening for those who are ready for a fashion revolution.

The 7 th edition globally and 3rd edition in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2021 was held on November 18-19-20, 2021 at the spectacular Rixos Premium Dubai – JBR. Think Fashion, the organizer of the DMFW21, brought an awakening story to the people…a story for individuals, a story for modesty and a story for empowerment!

Rixos Premium Dubai combines various lifestyle elements and presents them fashionably. For example, their grand entrance itself is a show-stopping impression, their Premium Bedroom Suites that have a panoramic floor-to-ceiling view overlooking the magnificent Ain Dubai views being an iconic destination on its own. Toping that, the hotel has award-winning dining destinations attracting gourmand and travel enthusiasts. From a lavish buffet breakfast, to a stylish afternoon tea, to vibrant pool parties, allowing the person to have the opportunity “to live the ultimate lifestyle from day ‘til night at Rixos Premium Dubai” as Ali Ozbay Regional Director of Marketing & Communications Rixos Hotels UAE says.

Knowing the Modest fashion weeks have a travelling concept highlighting the best designers and brands, media, influencers, and retail buyers, while being the hub for the global modest fashion industry. 40 exclusive designers and brands were selected to showcase their latest collections on the runway. Alongside, being able to experience the products up close and shop their collections in the exhibitor booths area. Also during the 3 day event many fashion talk shows were held hosting celebrities as keynote speakers to empower women entrepreneurs and fashion lovers; having 100+ selected special guests.

“We’re excited to host Dubai Modest Fashion Week this November at Rixos Premium Dubai, our most fashionable destination in the region. There is not a better place in the world for the most anticipated event! This paradise is the world’s runway, in the sense that there is a constant flow of A-list celebrities and trendsetters from all around the globe to our location. From the grandiose entrance to award-winning dining and stylish outlets, to picturesque luxury accommodations, to phenomenal views of the record-breaking Ain Dubai, we’re set to make a show-stopping impression amongst Modest Fashion Week lovers. Rixos Premium Dubai is the perfect venue to showcase the elegance, glamour and exclusivity of modest fashion with a premium experience and authentic Turkish hospitality.” 

Says Ali Ozbay Regional Director of Marketing & Communications Rixos Hotels UAE

Ozlem added saying: “We feel the responsibility of being the pioneer and the most prestigious event series that is dedicated to the industry. This responsibility helps us to go out of our comfort zone and serve the best for the modest fashion industry while creating the solution for global businesses. We carefully curate all the global designers to show the power and beauty of modesty.”

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