Launched in 2019, Le Inka specializes in Jagua tattoos; which is made from the extract of Genipa Americana of Jagua, a fruit commonly found in the parts of South America.

 Its formula is a vegan, plant-based and organic gel, and is applied to the skin using a stencil. The result of the Jagua tattoo is similar to that of a Henna tattoo. The differences are the Jagua tattoo has a shorter application time – half and hour to an hour – where the final design last one to three weeks, depending on the wearer.


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The idea cam naturally to the couple Ishrath and Safa Hasmin, as Safa is a well-known henna artist, and the founder of UAE’s first online Henna store, Dubai Henna.


A motive to start Le Inka was that the couple would receive lots of requests for black henna. But during their research they discovered black henna is dangerous, since it’s mixed with harmful chemicals. Therefore, they locked into natural, organic and harmless alternatives, discovering the Jagua ink.

Le Inka sells over 300 stencils that can be purchased with the bottle of ink. A single 50ml ink that allows for reapplication of the stencil 10-20 times, depending on the stencil of-course.

A big selling point of the company was the individuality it offers, in terms of customizing your stencil. This option is available because it gets to a point that people want something that’s unique and meaningful to them.


The process has not always been smooth though, as some people have misconceptions about the Jagua tattoo. Knowing that tattoos are forbidden in Islam, their products are seen as suspicious. But as Ishrath says: “We are Muslims ourselves and would not be doing this if it wasn’t allowed” The process uses not needls, no danger of infection, not pain and are not permanent.


By creating this brand, the couple has filled a gap in the industry by helping those who always have been interested in tattoos but put it off due to the permanence of it.

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