Yara Azar

This Lebanese Influencer Is A True Inspiration For The New Generation

Halima Aden

Halima Aden Quits Modeling Here's Why

France and the ban of the hijab

Muslim women have always been discriminated for wearing the hijab, now countries are even are banning it!

Roni Helou

Roni Helou is a brand for a proactive generation, as it engages in methods of sustainability.

Digital Fashion

Digital Fashion is making its way into the market. Especially in our times, knowing much of what we do is not digital.

Lebanese designer for LVMH prize 2021

Lebanese label Renaissance Renaissance by Cynthia Merhej has been nominated to be a semi-finalist for the LVMH annual prize. 

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Fabrics (part 1)

The process of creating fabrics is a major pollution industry. In fact it is the second most polluting in the world!

Le Inka

Knowing tattoos are forbidden in Islam, there is now an alternative which is Henna.

Noor Tagouri

Noor Taguri is a journalist, activist and speaker. And at the age of 27 she had built a very big engaged and aware community on social media.


Dreams, fairy-tales and pink stitches

Khanaan Shamlan

For her love of Batik, and upcycling her classmate clothes, she now has her own brand

Vivi Zubedi

Having a strong monogram, and good quality control, Vivi Zubedi is now an addiction to the market

Heaven Lights

Not only are they fashionable, their products are comfortable against heat and humidity 


Allowing women to treasure the modest tradition, alongside loving life, traveling and sports


To say Muslim women are Brave! for developing themselves, wearing the hijab and being stylish

Nea Wear

As a muslim revert she struggled to find clothing and hijabs that were sustainable and at the same time trendy. Thus, Adnan founded Nea Wear.


“Shine bright in the sun with Di’Gerari”


At Salayfa, they believe that women deserve to feel special, which is why they have a level of exclusivity on their clothing.

Sweet Dolce

“The more you wear Sweet Dolcee, the more you’re beautiful”


Being inspired by Western Silhouettes infused with African Attires, Ahmad incorporated bold fashion styles with modesty.

Kisva Almaty

Inspired by Muslim women who were highly exalted by the Holy Qur’an, fashion designer Gainiken, founded her brand in 2010 in Almaty City, Kazakhstan.

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