RMFW22 – Part 1

Hijab Boutique

Founded in 2014 by sisters Eman and Sarah Kafafy, Hijab Boutique is an Egyptaian brand with significant designs, to help eliminate the gap the modest fashion industry has towards its consumers. The goal of the brand comes from within its designs. They use prints that are feminine yet bold, and they are known for their warp-style dresses and pleated fabrics. Through these details they aim to change the image of modest wear towards people, while also empowering the woman and helping her feel confident about her style.


With the unique touch of silk, a woman can get the feeling of endless confidence, comfort, and elegance by using the scarves of Imannoor.


While beings inspired by details from around the world, their main focus is highlighting the rich Islamic culture and honor it. The brands symbol is for women to express them selves in style without having to compromise their faith. Thus, their brand name Imannoor: “Iman” meaning having peace of the heart due to faith, and “Noor” referring to divine light (one who enlightens and lights up the universe).


On a mission to address the needs of women who constantly look for modest sportswear that is comfortable, yet designed to deliver great performance, Innersejuk was founded in 2018.


DriChill Technology powers their modest sportswear; which is an incredible material that suits their purpose. This material is fast drying, luxurious and has a comfortable touch.

La Cavalière Élégante

Born in the French capital, but with strong Moroccan roots and background, Salma, AKA “La Cavalière Élégante” is a strong, ambitious, and as wild as the horses she rides, but is extremely attached to her traditions.


Salma is also fond of traveling to be able to discover different cultures. She founded her own line of Abayas with inspirations from her past and her love for the horses’ wilderness. Hence, she exhibits her products through Horse-riding.


Her goal in life is to become a role model to the women who are active and challenge driven and believe that modesty can only empower them further.

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