Lara Active

This brand is created by athletes for athletes, bringing uniqueness to the brand. Such as founder, Lara Fawzy, United Arab Emirates Muay Thai, Gold National Champion, and Anissa Mesken, 18 times Kickboxing World Champion.


Their products are designed to ensure modesty, while still guaranteeing functionality, comfort, and simplicity. These characteristics allow a woman to achieve their full sporting potential while having no barriers.


The brand has a range of sports hijab, long tops, hoodies, bottoms and more, which non-veiled athletes and fitness enthusiasts can also wear.

Nofa Deen

Nofa Deen’s vision is to share their unique creative collections, break down barriers, while they style the live and the future of people.


They are a luxury modest wear brand for both women and men. Based in NYC they offer high-end fashion, and curates signature designs with exceptional and exquisite fabrics. Their products are crafter carefully, to be able to present the best fits, and a wide range of sizing.

Soumaya Beauduin

Soumaya Beauduin is a world of luxurious and exclusive hijabs, combining style and elegance.


With a very genius and practical design, their hijabs can easily be switched to a shawl in one move. This accessory, named  “le coulisse”, is designed with an adjustable sliding attachment and includes an anti-slip mechanism that holds the material in place.