This Lebanese Influencer is a true inspiration for the new generation. 

Azar is a 21-year-old college student. She studies Communication arts in the Lebanese American University of Beirut. Her hobbies are writing poetry that is posted on her Instagram account One Girl Many Journeys, running, swimming, traveling and discovering new places and meeting new people. Her biggest hobby yet is Influencing. 

Yara Azar was a premature baby born at 7 months, who was diagnosed with Esophageal Atresia and her chances of survival were low speaking that there weren’t any considerable medical advancements.  However, she fought through it all and is now in full health. With that being said she decided to post a picture of her scars from the surgery to show people that nobody’s perfect but you should love yourself no matter what. This was the beginning of her career. Yara is not only an influencer she is also a model for European and US brands as a Lebanese Ambassador. 

“When we were kids we always used to read stories about the superhero who saves the world. Little did we know that our own story ends with us being the hero.” -Yara Azar

Azar has been an Influencer since 2018. She has worked with several international brands loving that each collaboration is different and unique. However, she has lots of fun doing collaborations with Dollskill and local Lebanese brands to help with the difficult financial times they are facing, and hopes to have collaborations with high-end brand in the future, as she is very passionate and inspired by them. 

There were many negative words and sentences that triggered Yara to start this journey, as they fueled her to turn them into something positive. Which is one of the many things people admire of her. For example: “When people made fun of my scars and said they looked abnormal and ugly, I decided to take that and turn it into something positive in order to help others who are going through similar situations.”

Yara’s 3 favorite advices to her followers that want to enter the Influencing industry or that come to her for help in anything else are:

  • You should always have a role model in mind and study them in a way where you try to imitate their ways of success but with your own definition and person.
  • Always remember those three things when you encounter a hater:
  • They want something you have in your personality that they don’t, for example confidence, strong character etc.
  • They are uncomfortable in their own skin, (to clear this up I mean that there is something going on in their own life that triggers them to release hate and anger to others) do not hate the hater but feel bad for them.
  • They see you as a threat/competitor. When they see other people improving their lifeand becoming successful, it’s a direct reflection to them of what they should be doing but are not.
  • Always be yourself, do not try to be a shadow of another individual in the industry as people will see through that and most likely not believe in you and your plan. In addition, do not let the media control you, you should control it.

Speaking of media controlling people, Yara used to us social media as an escape from reality and make it a whole life while forgetting about the real things that matter. This took a big toll on her mental, physical, and psychological health and destroyed her. But now, she sees social media not as an escape but as an outlet and opportunity to gain more insight, knowledge, growth, and networks.

As an influencer in Lebanon living here is a bit hard. Lebanon has been going through a lot for the past 2 years. It all started in 2019 with the devaluation of the Lebanese currency, thus the increasing of poverty in the country and an ongoing revolution on the ruling class. All leading up to an insanely huge explosion on August 4, 2020 Lebanon was shock! 

Regardless of all that Azar loves Lebanon. It’s her country her pride, and her home. Being an Influencer mostly in Arab regions is very complex as it is not recognized as much as in the US or Europe. However, obviously, it hasn’t been that often seeing Lebanese women in this way, mostly exposed on the media, following their dreams, empowering and influencing. so being one of the first makes her a representative of a larger community, and there’s a lot of pressure that comes with that. Living in Lebanon at the moment is very overwhelming as we live in fear and caution. In addition to that Azar would like to say that Lebanese people are the most resilient people in the world and it really is a beautiful thing to see and experience. 

As for her future plans she does want to move, however she has not yet decided where it could be London, US, or Dubai. But at the moment Yara’s plans are taking her to the UK sometime by the end of 2021 as she has been signed to modeling agencies to further her career and expose her purpose of influencing even more. 

We wish you the best of luck!!

Taken from Instagram @yaraazarr
Taken from Instagram @yaraazarr
Taken from Instagram @onegirlmanyjourneyz

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